martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

"One Bare Foot Square" in Amsterdam

"One Bare Foot Square" is a collaborative artist-led travelling mosaic canvas created by "Uncooked Culture" artists. The individual artworks form one big piece now shown at the Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery (30 Jul- 13 Aug.).

Artists create a One Foot square canvas forming a bigger piece with variable dimensions depending on the exhibition space. Outsiders, Neo-Outsiders & artists from all other Squares, will be contributing their creations as its Uncooked boundary-crossing recipe progresses. The mosaic canvas will project a spectrum, weaving together each individual’s life journey; reflecting on their experience, hopes, thoughts & imagination through their diverse practice, from doodles, painting, stencil to mixed-media.

Inspired by Uncooked Culture’s ‘Circus Terminal Worldwide’ - a relay art adventure around the globe, ‘One Bare Foot Square’ continues the uncooked experimental style, with strictly no jury cooking style involved...and so far this recipe has gone down very well! Since 2012, Circus Terminal Worldwide dishes have been served up in 9 countries, demonstrating a growing Sustainable Artist Community. One Bare Foot Square’s destinations is led by participating artists, who initiate which country it will be served in next. Before the project departs from each Stop, local artists are encouraged to join its Next Stops with their One Foot Square recipes on canvas.

my canvas for "One Bare Foot Square"...